Sunday, September 26, 2010


I feel so sad for the children of the current generation as well as their parents.Parenting is badly misunderstood , interpreted by many enthusiastic parents to mean to push the child to discipline, academic, sports, extracurricular activities and of course'life skills' or personality development.They actually live with the notion that this is their task or job little realizing that have got it so wrong.
If at all any 'task' that parents have, is to guide the child towards a life of independence, autonomy, to uncover the innate potential and interests in the child . As one generation gives way to the next , a new set of skills is required for the new, rapidly changing world.Old ways have to give way to the new.What is needed, is to build abilities and confidence so that the child learns the new ways,
is capable of surviving and succeeding long after the parents are gone.

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