Saturday, July 10, 2010


Many of us profess to be 'original', as in have our own take, interpretation of everything around us.I am not sure it is true. We are , unconsciously, storing so many ideas , images around us and operating from them.
I was watching a program which was sharing the reasearch findings of a psychology test which showed that most people follow trends, what the other people are doing and tend to do the same.After all, our conditioning, parenting, socialising is all about following the society norms , blending in ,and in doing so gaining approval and acceptance of the rest.
Even when we are rebelling we are operating out of a script written by others, of playing the contrarian!!makes me feel helpless and powerless in a way . Who is the real me ? None at all.and then does there have to be a 'me' ...aren't we all one , not in a philosophical way but in that we are one body of similar thinking beings.

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  1. Sigh! Deep:) The penultimate questions has been asked Who are we?:)

    I'd perhaps say to myself - We are the universe and the universe is me:)So in this projection does it matter about originality? Or is the paradigm about 'the oneness'?:)