Monday, June 28, 2010


Fear is the motivation for many of us.We operate out of fear, make friends for fear of being lonely, strive in jobs we detest out of fear of losing our livelihood ,unabashedly lie to each other for fear of dispproval etc. etc.
We also fear new places, new interactions, new people and prefer to stay in the comfort zone, not taking any risks. We fear change,new routines,death,public speaking,exams , exam results, darkness endless list really.
If we examine 'fear' , it is not out there, not with the new places,people,jobs, routines but within ourselves . Fear is our inability to deal with the unexpected , unknown,new,different. Fear is the imagined difference between reality and our perception. If we could suspend our judgement about what should be out there or what we should be out there,trust ourselves to just be in any situation,go with the flow, fear would disappear.
Fear too , stems from our perception, may be far from reality. It is in our hands, literally, to contain it.It does not exist out there, it is created by us, from our inabilities.

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  1. Fear can make us Do or Not. If you are a good looking person you will do things to enhance your looks for the fear of someone saying 'you look tired today':), if you are of average on looks you tend to behave like a wall flower for the fear that you may be spotted and gain center focus:)

    Thats why parents when nurturing small children find ways to overcome fear-not circumvent fear:)