Friday, June 11, 2010

on truth

Then there is this oft repeated subject called 'Truth',somewhat maligned spiritually and philosophically. Seek truth they say. What does the word mean?
It means getting to the facts, being objective , not letting your perceptions and baggage cloud your interpretation.
There is nothing that we 'see' as is.Our senses pick the stimulus and our brain processes it. In doing so the information passes through various conscious and unconscious filters of our mind. The end result may be a case of 'chinese whispers', quite distorted from the original,the fact.
We get closer to the 'Truth' when we suspend our judgment, when we are open to another perspective, when our minds are in a receptive mode.
Most other times we are in delusion,We see, hear, taste, feel what we want to see, hear etc.We are simply validating our beliefs by distorting the truth around us to suit us, to feel comfortable.Truth is uncomfortable, we hide from it, run away from it, shut our eyes to it.Yet we all claim to be seekers of truth!
The biggest lie we tell is when we lie to ourselves, when we are not congruent, when we think one thought, say another and act still another.What are we afraid of? Others?The truth we have to live is with ourselves, not outside.Others may not know it, but we know when we lie. And we fall in our own eyes!

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  1. Its about relativity - one persons truth maybe anothers bed of thorns. There is never a state of black and white ever. No rigid lines, no 'I say' versus 'you say' - its about oneness,a state of inner harmony that leads to revelations and answers. That is the truth:)