Thursday, June 10, 2010


I know that I talk,discuss,write,learn,teach, share those aspects of my life that are not yet sorted out,in which I lack clarity and understanding.
On those issues where I have achieved some grasp, I fall silent. I do not feel the need to speak, to share , to tell.
I also realize that I analyze certain issues,experiences where I do not need to. They are just meant to be observed, not commented upon, not dissected under a microscope. In doing so, the moment is lost , I am not in the 'now', I label and lose its soul, make it into an entity.
The deepest feelings and experiences cannot be described at all, words fail. In that trance like moment, I lose myself to the experience , I am in it and it is in me...rare , yet these moments happen, specially when I am outdoors, close to nature.
Thoughts cease, awareness of self ceases and a feeling of oneness,complete and total takes over.
I fall silent.

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  1. I soooo vibe with this post PP:) when I see discussions happening around me on things / topics which I believe I have a better grasp of myself - I sometimes observe mildly amused and at other times I distance myself completely (unwittingly tho I think) as you rightly pointed- one doesn't have any reason to say much:)