Thursday, June 17, 2010


Detachment,a form of letting go, is key to happiness, equanimity and survival. Detachment from problems comes from an understanding that you are more than your problems, detachment from outcomes- because all that is in your control is your effort.Controlling what is not in your purview is foolish, madness.
What I cannot control, have any influence on , I must let go, and happily at that.
A simple yet powerful idea , if implemented in its truest sense , can lead to emancipation, freedom.
And pray what can we control?, the rising prices,pollution,ethics of the society, people around you, your boss? You may not be controlling them but secretly wishing they may change for the better. Can you?
Awareness of the dynamics followed by action/intervention only where you can make a difference is the key to liberation.Otherwise be inactive, passive and detached.

If you cannot control all of the above, what do you do? There is one person over whom you have the ultimate and complete 24/7 power, and that fortunate person is you!All that you want to do to others,to your circumstances and to your environment , do it to you.
"Be the change you want the world to be"- MK Gandhi

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  1. Detachment also comes from knowing what is enough. Realizing that one doesn't need lots and loads for it to be enough. With this realization objectivity helps create detachment. To my mind if sense and sensibility prevail, detachment is a natural resultant.